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Leveraging Social Media to Drive Leads to You?

Jennifer Napoli Jennifer Napoli , 3/20/2014
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Social Media MarketingLeveraging Social Media to Drive Leads to You?

Whether you are a new agency just starting up or an existing agency looking to acquire new clients, you need to start thinking about Social Media and how it can impact your book. If you have only dipped your toe in the Social Media world, you are behind more than 40% of your competitors.
Don’t jump in blind, you have no idea how deep the water is and what is waiting for you at the bottom. First, come up with a plan of action. You need to determine who you are going to be targeting. This breaks down to a few sections:

  1. Clients? Prospects? Both?
  2. Who is your current client/prospect?
  3. What are the most relevant characteristics? Do they own a home? Make a certain income? Hold a specific title? Have 2 ½ kids with a white picket fence?

Understand your clients to understand your prospects….
Second, develop a plan of action. Do you know that sales process you go through with each prospect? That same idea needs to be implemented when you start you Social Media Marketing/Branding. Creating an account on most social sites is free, but breaking through the noise and getting yourself heard needs a plan of action.
The next step tends to be the most time consuming and confusing, especially for those who are busy doing, well, their jobs. You need to schedule time to put those plans into place. This is not an “every so often” kind of task. All of your social sites need to be maintained, nurtured and grown to be most effective. This means having a constant presence and being on top of potential prospects.
It is most certainly possible to do by yourself, but many of our clients came to us because it either got too overwhelming, confusing, took too much time, weren’t getting the results, or they just didn’t want to handle it themselves. Whether you do it yourself, or you have someone do it for you, don’t wait any longer to start your Social Media Marketing Plan of Action. As always, feel free to reach out to us we are happy to discuss your individual needs.