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Program Brokerage Corporation

Program Brokerage Corporation (PBC), is a powerful market resource for brokers and agents, we are also a partner for carriers reaching out to the commercial insurance buyer in innovative, cost-effective ways. We’ve pioneered an innovative approach to Purchasing Group Insurance buying, which has won popular acclaim.

The Wind & Hail Deductible Buy Down Insurance Program You Need!

Anya Khanutina Anya Khanutina , 5/9/2017
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To help manage costs of high wind deductibles, Program Brokerage Corporation has access to a "Wind & Hail Deductibe Buy Down" insurance program underwritten by an A rated carrier.
Coverages Offered:
Follow Form Wind/Hail
Target Business:
Real Estate (Residential & Commercial)
Office and Administrative
Hotel / Motel / Short-Term Rental
General Commercial
Solar Panels
Mobile Homes
Docks, Piers, & Wharves
And more
Minimum Premium:
Buy Down Options Available:
Percentage to Percentage
Percentage to Dollar
Dollar to Dollar
Dollar to Percentage
Required Documents:
Supplemental Application
Loss Runs
Turn Around:
Same Day (24-48 hours for referral business)
In-house Binding and Policy Issuance
Quoting / Binding Authority for:
Location Limit up to $25M
TIV up to $100M (multi location policy)
Up to 5 Locations
Accounts exceeding limits above can be considered as referrals to the carrier.

"Our Relationships Are Your Advantage"

For more information, please contact:
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Justin Kozak | Phone: 212-338-2936 | [email protected]
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