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Safehold Special Risks

Safehold Special Risk, Inc. is a program administrator that specializes in providing customized coverage for a wide range of businesses. We’ve expanded our offerings by pulling together specialty divisions and teams to focus on specific areas of risk. Building products and services in this way means we can offer more options and help you manage a variety of client needs all with one source – Safehold Special Risk. We represent some of the most respected, “A” rated, admitted as well as excess and surplus carriers in the industry. When it comes to special risks, you want to work with professionals who have experience in the specific insurance coverage your clients need. From submission of applications through binding of the policy, you'll work with knowledgeable Safehold team members who offer the help you need to deliver for your clients.

The Comprehensive Solution for Veterinary Needs

Heather Turner Heather Turner , 2/22/2017
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Our Veterinary Services program is scalable and capable of handling smaller local providers up to large multi-state private or corporately owned organizations. In addition animal welfare agencies like Humane Societies and SPCA chapters providing veterinary services are eligible. Below are the target classes, if your client's business type is not listed here, please contact us.
Veterinary Clinics • Veterinary Hospitals • Kennels • Pet Boarding • Pet Hotels • Pet Trainers
Pet Groomers • Humane Societies • SPCA Chapters • Mobile Veterinary Operations
Mobile Grooming Businesses • Obedience Trainers • Pet Retail Supply Stores
We offer a variety of comprehensive coverages to Veterinarians and can meet their needs.
Business Owners Package with Veterinarians & Pet Services EXTRA Endorsement
A very extensive array of property, inland marine and liability extensions built into one flexible policy form that can handle large schedules, including blanket property. Flood and Earthquake coverage is available for business personal property. Premium is not subject to audit.
Professional Liability
Business policies available. Includes veterinarians, licensed RVT’s and groomers. No “hammer clause”. No claim can be settled without written permission of insured.
Workers Compensation – Includes Broadening Endorsement
Includes Voluntary Compensation & Employers Liability; Employers Liability Stop Gap; Foreign Voluntary Compensation; Blanket Waiver of Subrogation among other coverage extensions
Available limits up to $5,000,000. Flat charge rating basis; includes excess coverage above underlying Veterinarian Professional Liability.
Commercial Automobile & Auto EXTRA Endorsement
Extends named insured; fellow employee coverage; broadened coverage for electronic equipment; hired car physical damage; graphics; towing and labor among other coverage extensions.
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