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My homeowners insurance covers that?

Tony  Scurich Tony Scurich , 12/2/2013
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Scurich Insurance Services, Watsonville, CA, Homeowners InsuranceHomeowners insurance coverage can be tricky.  Some claims that one would think would be considered in the original homeowners insurance policy, are not (i.e. earthquakes, floods, etc.).   Here are a few of the possible scenarios that are covered: 1. The sky is falling! Chicken Little was onto something there.  If meteors or UFO’s fall from the sky and crash into your house, your homeowners policy will have “open perils” policies to protect you from anything that isn’t specifically excluded.  Falling objects are included in the policy.  So if Marvin the Martian crashes into your home, theoretically, you are covered. 2. The volcano is going to blow! We love the “open perils,” policies.  Should Dante’s Peak destroys your house, aside from tremors or earthquakes, your homeowners policy should theoretically, cover your loss.  Including if your house gets swallowed in a lava flow. If you live in Hawaii, chances are you will also have a state-run volcano insurance coverage that you will need to look into. 3. It’s a Stampede! We are being invaded by goats and cows!  The cows just ran through home but the goats came and ate our sofa, gnawed on our furniture and well, destroyed everything. Your homeowners insurance can over stampeding animals, as long as the animals do not belong to you.  The animals must be wild and not domesticated. 4. Your loved ones tombstones. Tombstones are a reminder of the loved ones we once lost.  However, there are pranksters that will deface and defile tombstones, especially around Halloween. Your loved ones tombstones are covered by your homeowners insurance. 5. The truly frightful Some homeowners policies will cover certain costs related to a murder, suicide or an unattended death in your home.  Not all homeowners policies have this option, best bet is to get a policy review and make any necessary adjustments. Give us a call today for a complete homeowners policy review. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.