Founded in 1998 by Chris M. Micheals, American Team Managers has emerged as one of the leading independently owned insurance wholesalers and managing general agents in California. American Team Managers is dedicated to the success and growth of independent agents nationwide by providing world class customer service, cutting edge technology, competitive commission structures, and access to the most respected carriers in the business. We believe that our focus in these areas is what separates American Team Managers from other MGA’s.
Hard to place work comp market Available
Workers Compensation Market Writing Hard to Place Classes
Provided By AM Best: A++ XV
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Program Highlights
✓  Minimum Premium: $3,000
✓  Direct Billed
✓  6% Commission
✓  High Mod Factors Accepted
✓  Limits up to $1M/$2M
✓  New Ventures/Gaps in Coverage Considered
Eligible Classes
General/Artisan Contractors
Construction Operations
Office Professionals
Janitorial & Cleaning Services
Home Health
Hotels/Motels Retail
Light Manufacturing
Retail Shops
Automobile Service/Repairs
Short Haul Trucking
Convenience Stores
Garbage Hauling & Waste/Recycling
Scrap Metal Operations
Ineligible Operations
✗  Aircraft or Watercraft Operations
✗  Environmental Hazardous Operations
✗  Railroad Work
✗  Mining/Quarring Operations
✗  Security or Guard Services
✗  Auto Reposession
✗  Pawn Shops/Check Cashing Operations
✗  Boiler Installtion or Boilermakers
✗  Ammunition or Explosives Manufaturing or Distribution
✗  Building Wrecking, Moving, Shoring or Underpinning
✗  Blasting, Demolition, Wrecking, Dismantling of Building or Structure
✗  Carnavals, Circuses, Amusement Parks or Devices
✗  Tunneling, Cofferdam, Caisson Work, Dam, Dike, Lock or Revetment Construction
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