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Security Guard Insurance

This is blog was created to help the security guard professional better understand their insurance options.

Security Guard Insurance for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Craig Mount Craig Mount , 9/22/2015
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With new industries come new opportunities for security guard companies to expand their clientele. Medical Marijuana is an industry that seems to be booming, with more and more dispensaries opening up across the US. Businesses with high valued good have a need for these goods to be protected. Security guard companies are starting to pick up these contracts to protect said dispensaries, as well as transport goods between two places.

Insurance carriers realize this trend, and in turn select carriers have developed policies to cover this type of exposure. Your run of the mill general liability policy will not cover this exposure as it is considered high-risk due to the valued goods. But specializing in the security guard insurance industry we have multiple carrier contacts that can insure you for this type of exposure. If you aren’t sure about your policy and what types of contracts are covered, contact your insurance agent to ask.