At Maximum we believe there are two keys to success;dedication and teamwork. These qualities are evident in everything we do. You'll see our dedication in every aspect of our business- from our staff to the carriers we work with to the level of service we provide. A team effort has proven to be essential to our firm's success. Teamwork leads to communication, and communication builds relationships. At Maximum, the continual collaboration between our staff and clients has helped us develop strong, long-term relationships.
Allied Healthcare Solutions
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Consider Maximum for your Professional Allied Healthcare needs. Offering competitive coverage and pricing enables you to keep your insureds protected while practicing what they love - helping others!
Product Advantages:
•   Claims-made or Occurrence on all coverage parts
•   Deductible or Retention option from First Dollar to Large SIRs
•   Blanket Additional Insureds
•   Consent to Settle with the Insured
•   Broad definition of Insured
•   No Minimum Earned Premium
•   HIPAA, defense for agency proceedings, media and evacuation coverages available
•   Physician’s flexibility on shared or separate limit
•   ERP options stated clearly and unlimited available
•   Minimum Premiums as low as $2k
•   Admitted and Non-Admitted Coverage Forms
•   Multiple locations, claims experience, and risk management credits available
•   Modular policy approach
•   Carriers rated A "Excellent" by A.M. Best
Target Classes:
•   Adult Day Care
•   Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation
•   Ambulance Services - EMT/Non-Emergency
•   Audiologist
•   Blood Banks
•   Case Management
•   Clinical Research
•   Clinics
•   Community Mental Health Clinic/ Partial Hospital Program
•   Consultants - Medical Care Provider
•   Consultants - Safety
•   Counselor
•   CRNA
•   Diagnostic Imaging and X-Ray
•   Diagnostician
•   Dialysis Center
•   Durable Medical Equipment Rental
•   FTCA
•   Health and Fitness Center
•   Hearing Aid Fitter
•   Home Health Agency/Aide
•   Hospice
•   Imaging Centers
•   Labs
•   Martial Arts Instruction (Adult)
•   Massage Therapist
•   Medical Arts School
•   Medical Director
•   Medical Spas
•   Mental Health Technician
•   Nurse
•   Nurse Practitioner
•   Nurse’s Aide
•   Nurse Staffing Agency
•   Occupational Therapist
•   Ocularist
•   Optical Goods Store
•   Optometrist
•   Perfusionist
•   Pharmacies
•   Phlebotomist
•   Physical Therapy Assistant
•   Physician Assistant
•   Psychiatric Social Worker
•   Psychologist
•   Radiation Therapy Technician
•   Respiratory Therapist
•   Speech Therapist
•   Speech/Language Pathologist
•   Staffing
•   Surgery Centers
•   Surgical Technician
•   Urgent Care
•   Testing Services
•   Ultrasound Technician
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