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Insurance Tips and Tricks

Insurance is confusing topic for an average american. Let's see if we can relate to this topic with a real life examples.

Strangest Insurance Policies You Can Find

Jack Halcombe Jack Halcombe , 6/21/2018
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I am pretty sure like most folks insurance to you means basic policies covering health, autos, homes and life insurance. But giving them a critical assessment do these insurance policies cover every single risk life may throw your way? While these policies cover basic tragedies that are easy to spot and cover, there are other unique and personal life risks we face daily that are far beyond their coverage.  Insurance is partly or wholly based on the pace of the mind for the insured party so, if you have spent the sleepless night thinking and wondering about some peculiar problem, you can bet there is a company that will write a policy for the problem as long as there is a risk. So, what are some Strangest Insurance Policies we've come across?

UFO or alien abduction insurance.  Yes, there is anything out there for everyone’s inner conspiracies and theories. In the event that you are obsessed with the idea of getting kidnapped by aliens, there is a policy for you. Alien abduction insurance policy has been there for quite some time. However, since its inception alien abduction has never occurred in the real world nevertheless, that has not stopped people from thinking or planning for the unexpected.

Cold feet insurance or what is commonly referred to as a change of heart insurance.  Cold feet insurance is purposefully meant to cover for a sudden change of plans for weddings. You can imagine the blunder of having your family spending thousands on your wedding, but only to have you break off the engagement at the last moment. To protect against such uncertainties companies are offering what they call a change of heart insurance policies. This policies mainly covers only innocent financiers such as the bride and bridegroom’s parents.

There is a patent for an insurance policy to protect a gambler against losses in a casino. A patent includes setting up an insurance policy machine in the casino but there is no evidence of this being implemented yet. However, number of online casino sites offer similar protection. According to PlayCasino, there are operator websites that offer 20% cashback .

Multiple birth insurance.  What happens when your wife gives birth to two or more children out of what you expected? Having twins or even triplets can be exciting but for some people, this can be a nightmare especially when it comes to finances. Luckily you can hedge against the possibility of having more than one kid by purchasing a multiple birth insurance policy. Multiple birth insurance policies should be purchased earlier before birth. The policy caters to the extra cost that extra kids comes with.

Ghost insurance. It may seem like a joke but you know what it does exist! One hotelier in the UK bought this policy after he witnessed what he described as a ghost in one of his hotel bars. This policy protects against ghost or spirit haunting, like this one here the policy was to pay over one million GBP if an employee or customer got permanent injuries or got killed by a ghost while in the hotel.

Chicken insurance.  Most of us are contented at having a dog or cat insurance, but then there are people who are obsessed with other farm animals and like to keep them as pets in residential places. One of them is the hens, some insurance companies offer chicken or what they call livestock insurance to their consumers. Surprisingly individuals are purchasing these policies and are paying dearly to have them.

The choice of insurance policies is wide, every now and then what we usually consider standardized insurance subjects have shown a glimmer of expansion that usually strays from the ordinary. Most of these insurance expansions may seem to be or are crazy and absurd to the average person but as far as they look they are mere human imaginations they do exist and insurance companies are pocketing yearly premium rates for consumers.