Cemetery Professional Liability Insurance

Are you the owner of a cemetery? Do you run a cemetery operation? A lot goes into the operation and management of a cemetery. As a business owner or manager, you have a team of employees working around the clock to maintain the grounds, prepare for ceremonies, and make sure everything is in tip top shape. A lot can happen on the site of a cemetery and liability insurance can come into play as a way to mitigate a lot of the risks involved with running the business.

Shopping for liability insurance is essential for all business owners, especially those operating something like a cemetery. There is an array of opportunities for losses to occur that the coverage could assist with regarding mitigating losses.

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Understanding Insurance

It is imperative to comprehend the type of insurance that exists here with cemetery liability insurance coverage. The coverage is going to be purchased by you, the business owner, to protect your cemetery operations. The protection is going to cover damages that are due to bodily injury, disease, sickness, or death that have been endured by someone due to the negligence of you, the operator of the cemetery.

There are just so many things that can go wrong when you are running a cemetery. Think about all of the work that goes into the maintenance of it as well as all of the people that come in and out of there every single day. A cemetery is one of the most visited places by individuals every single year.


Negligence is something that is very difficult to have full control over as a business owner. You can give the employees that you have all of the training in the world. You can remind them every single day of the best practices that they should be following to keep anyone on the cemetery site safe. It does not guarantee you 100% that they are going to follow anything that they are instructed to do.

Errors, mistakes, can happen in a moment’s notice. An employee who simply was a bit too tired may find that they do a negligent act without even realizing it, resulting in a third party on the site of the cemetery to be injured. It could be something as simple as working on the plants and leaving a shovel on the ground that trips up and injures someone in the cemetery. Situations like this are what will be covered by cemetery liability insurance.

Property Coverage

Cemetery liability insurance is also going to be extended to cover property damage to property of others. Think about something such as a casket that is on the site of your cemetery. Say it gets damaged while it is on your site. You could be held liable for the damage to the property of others, in this case, the casket. The coverage that is extended in this area would provide you with the ability to recover the losses to pay for the damages caused to that piece of property.

Errors and Omissions

Errors and omissions coverage is another part of the equation here and are something that can be added to the liability insurance. This is going to be in connection with the transfer and sale of cemetery plots. If a mistake is made with the documentation of something like this, then this coverage would protect you in that type of case.

Cemetery liability insurance is something that can be extremely valuable to the business owner of a cemetery. There is just so much that goes into maintaining a cemetery from top to bottom. So many employees are working on-site and so many third-party visitors have the ability just to come in and out whenever they wish. As the owner of the business, the operator of the cemetery, you want to protect yourself and company as much as possible.
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