Dentists, Specialists and Oral Surgeons/Employment Practices Liability Insurance

You would not drive without auto insurance or invite patients into your practice without professional liability insurance, so don’t jeopardize your practice by overlooking Specialists and Oral Surgeons/Employment Practices Liability Insurance. Employment practices liability coverage protects you against allegations like wrongful termination, discrimination, and sexual harassment.

On average the court settlement for most employee lawsuits is over $40,000 with ten percent of wrongful termination and sexual harassments cases settle for over $1 million, not a gamble you want to take to protect the long-term future of your practice. If you have not checked out DBC’s EPL Program yet, now is the time.

Why employment practices liability insurance is essential:
  • You are the decision maker directly impacting your employees, exposing you to an employment liability risk.
  • Three out of five healthcare employers find themselves in suits by former employees.
  • A dental practice is more at risk for an employment practices claim versus a general liability or property claim.
  • Smaller practices are at higher risk than their larger counterparts. Over 40% of all employment liability insurance claims are against practices with less than 100 employees.
As with the majority of employers, dentists are at risk to lawsuits started by their employees. Typically general liability policies do not provide employee practices liability coverage, although some may have the option to endorse onto the policy. We can help you come up with a comprehensive protection package that will ensure that you are covered and provide peace of mind.
Preferred Concepts LLC
Employment Practices Liability

Mercator Risk Services provides a wide range of markets for employment accounts of all types and sizes in all states.   From sexual harassment to discrimination in hiring, employers are now legally responsible for a broader range of employment...
First Choice Insurance Intermediaries, Inc.
Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability insurance covers (up to the policy limits) damages for which an employer is legally liable such as violating an employee's civil or other legal rights. In addition to paying a judgment for which the insured is liable, i...
Program Brokerage Corporation
Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance Program Brokerage Corporation (PBC) is the go-to-source for producers seeking excellent Professional Liability Products and service for their existing accounts and prospects. Our Professional Liability divisi...
Alexander J. Wayne & Associates, Inc.
Employer Practices Liability Insurance

Employee lawsuits can be devastating to a business; they can be inconvenient, costly and time consuming. These lawsuits have become a significant risk for businesses across the United States and they continue to increase posing more of a threat to s...
Bailey Special Risks, Inc.
Employment Practices Liability

BSR offers insurance to protect private businesses called Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) by the trade. Coverage can be purchased in amounts as small as $250,000 or as high as $5,000,000 in one single policy. Minimum premi...
America's Internet Brokers, Inc.
Employment Practices Liability

A broad range of businesses with up to 250 employees including: Hospitality Enterprises (even motels, hotels, restaurants and fast food) Franchise Groups (retail and services) Autodealers Associations Municipalities Pu...
AI Risk
Employment Practices Liability

Key Risk Groups: A broad range of businesses with up to 250 employees including hospitality enterprises (even motels, hotels, restaurants and fast...
Click above for a 3-5 min. overview with Joe Surette of AI Risk.
Apogee Insurance Group
Employment Practices Liability

We provide access to over 8 A to A++ Rated Carriers that will offer terms on Employment Practice Liability in all 50 States. We offer On-Line Quoting at our web site ( to get quotations from the #1 EPLI Carrier in the US (USLI)...
G. J. Sullivan Company
Employment Practices Liability

The G.J. Sullivan Farmington Casualty EPLI Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s employer. The policy combines comprehensive coverage features, expert claims handling and state of the art risk management services. Pro...
Grand General Agency
Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices LIability Insurance is an indespensible coverage for any company.  Employment Practices Liability Insurance helps protect you from lawsuits, whether legitimate or not, that could bankrupt your company on legal costs alone!...
Professional Liability Insurance Services, Inc.®
ESI-Employment Practices Liability Insurance

No matter how well employers manage their businesses, employees can still file a charge that the employer must defend. For this reason, employers need the ESI-Employment Practices Liability Insurance program which includes: Certain Underwriter...
NSM Insurance Group
Lawyers & Dentist Professional Liability Insurance

AFPD is the leading Program Administrator for Lawyers’ and Dentists’ professional liability insurance programs across the United States. AFPD has more than 20 years of experience underwriting Professional Liability for Lawyers & Dentists and enj...
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Since new legislation is passed affecting employment practices liability yearly, we can only broadly describe areas of concern: Discrimination Claims come in three forms: overt discrimination, disparate treatment, and disparate impact. Overt d...
The purpose of third-party coverage in an Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) policy is to protect an organization and its employees from accusations of wrongful acts committed against customers, clients, vendors, and suppliers. Some EPLI policies...
You need Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPLI) to protect you from lawsuits filed (justly or unjustly) by anyone who you employ, have employed, or even considered employing. Before you buy this essential coverage, be sure to ask these qu...
The purpose of third-party coverage in an Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) policy is to protect an organization and its employees from accusations of wrongful acts committed against customers, clients, vendors, and suppliers. Some EPLI policies ...
Since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed, the issue of employees' rights continues to be controversial. Employers involved in interstate commerce are prohibited from discriminating against applicants. Understanding How Fast Lawsuit Ris...