Drug Rehabilitation Cyber Liability Insurance

Oftentimes people with drug addiction are unwilling to get into drug rehab, fearing the stigma that surrounds addiction, the shame and embarrassment of being discovered and the disruption this would cause in their personal and social lives.

And while substance abuse rehabilitation centers and facilities strive to ensure confidentiality, to allay the fears of inpatients or out patients seeking treatment, and there are federal laws in place that protect the rights and privacy of patients –

  • ·       What happens if there is a data breach?
  • ·       What happens if sensitive patient information falls into malicious hands and is used to commit various cyber-crimes?

Security breaches can be devastating and besides causing financial losses, drug rehabilitation centers that fall victim to cyber-attacks stand to lose patient trust and confidence.

This is precisely why Cyber liability Insurance is so important for Drug and Alcohol Rehabs and de-addiction centers.

Drug Rehabilitation Cyber Liability Insurance helps mitigate the losses from cyber incidents.

This policy will help cover:

  • ·       Legal fees and expenses related to claims
  • ·       Costs associated with notification of victims and protection of patients
  • ·       Cost of data recovery and repair of damaged hardware and networks

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