Environmental Consultants, Engineers and Laboratories Professional Liability Insurance

Professionals are respected. They are held to higher standard than non-professionals. A mistake by a professional will not only affect their finances but also their professional reputation. If you are a professional professional liability insurance is important to protect you if you make a mistake while working. We offer Environmental Consultants, Engineers and Laboratories Professional Liability Insurance.

Why is it important?

Professional liability insurance protects you when a liability question arises or allegation resulting in a claim with respect to your professional work or advice to a client. Professional liability will protect you financially and help you maintain your good reputation. It will also give you a competitive advantage in the field of your professional.

What it covers.

If you make a professional mistake or give advice to a client which leads to them making a loss, professional liability covers.
  • Personal injury and property damage
  • Defense costs if/when you are sued in relation to a professional mistake
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights
Your policy will cover much more as it should be tailored to protect you from the risks that you face when working. Engineers, environmental consultants and laboratory professionals need professional liability. Regardless of being professionals, they can make a mistake which ends up affecting someone else. 

If you need Environmental Consultants, Engineers and Laboratories Professional Liability Insurance, it’s important to go to a reputable independent insurance agency. It’s essential to understand your policy well, to know the limits and exemptions of your cover. Consulting and seeking professional advice when purchasing your professional liability insurance is important. In a reputable agency, agents are experienced with great knowledge in insurance. They will help tailor a policy that meets your needs regarding the risks you face in your profession.
Preferred Concepts LLC
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Architects & Engineers Insurance

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Continental Risk /Continental Marine Insurance Services

Environmental Engineers, Consultants and Contractors (ECC) Program which provides coverage to environmental contractors, engineers and consultants. Insureds can purchase a package policy providing coverage that fits their particular operation. The pa...
The McGowan Companies
Environmental / Pollution Professional Liability Insurance

MCGOWAN, DONNELLY & OBERHEU, LLC Environmental / Pollution Professional Liability Insurance   Eligible Classes: Consultants Contractors Crime Scene Clean Up Hazardous Material Clean Up Illegal Drug Lab Clean Up Medical Waste Picku...
National Environmental Coverage Corporation
Environmental Consultants & Engineers

Combined Occurrence Form General and Pollution Liability with a Claims Made Professional Liability Coverage Part. Or: Professional Liability with Optional Pollution (if insured has separate CGL coverage)   Nose Coverage and Prior Acts Availa...
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