Lawn Care and Landscaping Services Insurance

Most landscaping businesses these days offer ‘all-inclusive programs’, that include landscaping, lawn care and lawn maintenance services.

Common risks and hazards faced during these operations include:

  • Professional liability risks
  • Damage to customer property and customer injury
  • Damage and loss from auto accidents
  • Worker exposure to bodily injury from chemicals, operating heavy equipment, construction and weather-related events
  • Loss of equipment to theft or vandalism
  • Data breaches

Lawn Care and Landscaping Services Insurance is a program that provides comprehensive insurance options for your business and could include the following key coverages:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Professional Liability or Errors and Omissions Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Liability
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc.
Artisan Contractor Insurance

Protect your Artisan Contractors from hazardous coverage! SIU delivers coverage for casual and professional contractors. From the tools they use, to the value of the work being completed, SIU provides extensive admitted and non-admitted cover...
Ck Specialty Insurance Associates, Inc.
Contractors Insurance

Coverages include, but are not limited to:   General Liability Excess Liability Professional Liability (E&O) Pollution   Risk appetite includes, but certainly is not limited to:   Remodel Contractors Art...
Empire Underwriters, LLC
General Liability Insurance for Lawn Care Services

Even for the most experienced lawn care professional will tell you there are time when something goes wrong and those situations may never be the fault of the business oner. They are hard to even predict let alone be prevented, sometime accidents jus...
Empire Underwriters, LLC
General Liability Insurance for Landscape Contractors

Landscapers are exposed to various types of risk every day they’re in business. Landscaping accidents can cause injuries or property damage that could lead to lawsuits and financial loss. Adequate landscaping insurance can protect your clients busine...
First Choice Insurance Intermediaries, Inc.
Landscape, Janitorial and Retail Professions Insurance

Hiscox Now recently expanded to include new classifications for landscape, janitorial and retail professions - bind liability insurance instantly for 150+ other professions with direct bill. Landscape * Residential landscaping * Commercial...
Cochrane & Company
Landscaping Insurance

Trim, shape and manicure your business with our Landscaping Insurance program designed for contractors providing lawn care, sprinkler maintenance and installation, and incidental tree trimming services (less than 15% of total sales) as thei...
Empire Underwriters, LLC
Workers Compensation Insurance for Lawn Care Services

Lawn care professionals thrive in an outdoor environment, but this kind of work also comes with unique risks. From equipment malfunctions to bee stings and exposure to poison ivy, even the best prepared lawn care workers can be subject to accidents a...
Blue River Underwriters
Greenscape Insurance Plan

The GreenScape Program is an admitted package product that is designed to fit your insured’s needs with tailored coverage using just one carrier. Carrier:  Admitted carrier (A.M. Best Rating A: IX) Package Product: Package Product: ...
BTIS - Builders & Tradesmens Insurance Services, Inc.
Handyman Liability

As a handyman, your client works on many different jobs and is at a higher risk of being exposed to accidents on the job. Let’s say your client is on a job and they fell off the latter while they are working on the roof or they are fixing an elect...
NIP Group

IrrigationPro is a specialty insurance program designed specifically for contractors providing irrigation and pesticide application for lawns, crops, and golf courses. Eligible Exposures Sprinkler and Irrigation Installation and Repair P...
NIP Group
LandPro® TreePro®

LandPro® TreePro®  is the premier national insurance program for landscapers and tree services for more than 12 years, with 2,000 clients nationwide. The program was designed and continues to be developed by NIP Group's green industry insurance ...
Agents Insurance Markets, Inc.
Landscape Gardening Liability Insurance For NC and VA

      LANDSCAPE GARDENING LIABILITY INSURANCE For NC and VA  MORE THAN 30 YEARS INSURING CONTRACTORS We are your go to market for all contractors BIG or SMALL!       It is a must for ...
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