Martial Arts Instructor Insurance

The life of a Martial Arts Instructor can be deeply rewarding. You are basically a teacher, working among children and young adults. You not only get the opportunity to impart knowledge and skills of your martial arts specialization to your students, but you also get the satisfaction of following your passion and taking care of your own fitness needs while on the job!martial arts action

However, there is no denying that your job involves hard work.  You are also exposed to unique risks & hazards which could include:

  • - High Risk of Injury to you, your training staff as well as students since Martial Arts is a contact sport.
  • - Sexual misconduct - You are dealing with children and young adults.  This makes you vulnerable to allegations and claims of sexual abuse and molestation.

How can you protect yourself from claims and allegations – real or unfounded?

If you are a self-employed Martial Arts Instructor or work for a martial arts school, studio or dojo, your first line of protection is a Professional Liability Insurance also known as Errors and Omissions. (E & O Insurance)

  • - A Martial Arts Training Facility may refuse to hire you, if you do not have a Professional Liability Insurance Policy in your name.
  • - Sometimes the expectations of your clients, students or their parents could be unrealistic. Often performances of martial arts actors on reality shows, in movies and in the media are hyped. In an effort to emulate these performances, your students may feel ‘let down’.  Dissatisfaction or disappointment could lead them to file claims against you or your facility.        
  • - In many cases instructors are expected to carry out administrative duties such as enrolling students, billing, collecting fees and maintenance of inventory.  Due to inadequate administrative training or experience, mistakes could occur, resulting in liability claims against you.

martial arts combatants bowingAdequate Martial Arts Instructor Insurance safeguards you against liability claims and gives you the financial protection to cover legal expenses & settlements.

Other types of Insurance coverage you might want to consider purchasing.

General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance provides coverage against claims arising from bodily injury to you, your employees, students or spectators while on the premises.  The policy also covers property damage to others.

Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance

The Sexual Misconduct Liability Policy is designed to protect you or your facility from financial or reputational losses and damage arising out of real or alleged claims of sexual abuse or molestation.

Loss of Earnings/Income Insurance

With a loss of Income Insurance you are covered against injury at the work place, medical expenses for treatment as well as lost income benefits during the rehabilitation period.

A local, qualified insurance expert can help you with your unique needs.

K&K Insurance Group, Inc.
Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructor Insurance

The martial arts and self defense instructor insurance program is designed for U.S.-based martial arts and/or self defense instructors who work o...
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Sports & Fitness Insurance Corp.
Martial Arts

We provide a commercial liability program designed specifically for martial arts professionals. We offer policies with a limit of $500,000 per accident or $1,000,000 per accident. Our policy includes premises liability, professional liability (proper...
Colonial General Insurance Agency, Inc.
Martial Arts Studio Insurance

Policy Highlights for Martial Arts Studio Insurance:   Property and Liability Coverage available on a monoline or package basis for martial arts training including boxing and wrestling—amateur only. Commercial General Liability Coverage avai...
J.M. Wilson Corp.
Medical Professional Insurance

Medical Professional Insurance   J.M. Wilson offers Medical Professional Insurance with an A- rated (or better) Carrier!  Coverages available include Professional Liability, General Liability, Errors & Omissions, ...
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