Agents, Brokers & Advisors

Prestige Professional (for Agents)

It only takes a few minutes for an irate client, or a jealous competitor to tarnish your reputation. We provide a highly effective, inexpensive service that will help you establish and maintain the stellar professional reputation you deserve - through the CompleteMarkets platform.

For a small fee (annual prepay, cancel anytime), we leverage our platform to your advantage, providing you with the following services -

  • A 'Certified Insurance Pro' seal that can be used on all marketing material. 
  • Early notification on Exclusive Consumer Leads
  • Prestige Members get a discount on aged Consumer Leads
  • A comprehensive professional profile on – the destination site for insurance.
  • Google optimized professional profile, localized, so you show up in the major search engines when clients research you.
  • Your CompleteMarkets profile connected to major social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • You get a spam-free (customize-able) email address. For example - [email protected]. You can then use this for your DOI licensing, CE licensing and anywhere where you do not want to get spam (and receive legitimate messages only).
  • Access to paid/premium tools on our website – Premium Search, Submission Dashboard
  • Ability to Dispute Negative Reviews  – as a Prestige Pro member, you have 30 days to dispute any reviews before we make them public. This is a unique service available only to Prestige Pro members, and is designed to protect you from spammers, jealous competitors and misunderstandings with clients.

Monthly: $9.95
Annual: $99.95

Agency Owners

Prestige Agency (For Agencies)

Our premium membership for Agencies is called Prestige Agency membership. For a monthly fee, our premium agencies get the following additional benefits:

 A 'Certified Agency' seal that can be used on all marketing material.
 Unlimited, consumer facing, search optimized product landing pages.
 Over 2500 well written consumer articles for your website, blog, social media usage.
 Pre-packaged, branded and customizable Consumer facing Newsletters (updated monthly)
 Ability to Dispute Negative Reviews
 Capture web leads and route to an email recipient of your choice.
 Web analytics – see all the traffic that is navigating across your entire Agency profile and smart sites.
 Quarterly Client Email – invitation to review, summary of newsletter content, other agency news.
Monthly: $49.00
Annual: $495.00