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AmWINS Underwriting

Senior Living Facilities

4725 Piedmont Row Dr., Ste 600
Charlotte NC, 28210


Program Brokerage Corporation

Senior Living Facilities

1065 Avenue of the Americas
New York NY, 10018


Prime Insurance Company

Nursing Home Facilities

303 West Madison Street
Chicago IL, 60290


Don R. Jensen & Company

Healthcare Industry Workers Compensation Insurance

One Oak Hill Center, Ste 204
Westmont IL, 60559

/App_Themes/Default/img/UserSocialLinks/phone-icon.gif630-734-3240 ext. 104

First Choice Insurance Intermediaries, Inc.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

820 A1A North , 16E
Ponte Vedra Beach FL, 32082


Empire Underwriters, LLC
Don R. Jensen & Company
Ck Specialty Insurance Associates, Inc.

Allied Health Insurance

3150 Almaden Expressway, Suite 104
San Jose CA, 95118


All Risks, Ltd.

Home Healthcare Insurance for Worker's Compensation

10150 York Road,, 5th Floor
Hunt Valley MD, 21030

/App_Themes/Default/img/UserSocialLinks/phone-icon.gif877-589-5417 ext. 361-0

Empire Underwriters, LLC
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