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Verified Client Review: I received the CM email assigning Tareq to my request on 12/19, the day I spoke with the agent @ CM. It indicated that he would call me. Since I did not hear from him, I called - no answer. I followed up later, and provided his assistant with the pertinent info she requested. She said that he would bet back to me in a couple of days. I called again on 12/23 in the morning and was told he was in training, and would call me that afternoon. It is now 12/29 (10 days later), and I have not received a quote, nor even a phone call.

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Verified Client Review: Hello, To date Tareq has been helpful, but he has not called me back with any insurance so I remain waiting for insurance. He was polite and lead me to believe I would be getting insurance soon. But I remain waiting. I hope to hear from Tareq or an insurance company that will insure my educational consultation business. Sincerely, Tony

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