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Reputation 8

Verified Client Review: I want to let you know how much I really enjoy working with CompleteMarkets. My experience has been the BEST! I appreciate the integrity and the experience in all dealing with CompleteMarkets has been AMAZING in every aspect. In the mean time, again I want to thank you and for the company as a whole. I plan on being a customer for a long time to come.

Reputation 656

Verified Client Review: My company, Nationwide Employer Services LLC, has been a CompleteMarkets customer for about 6 years. Our experience and results have been very good. They are flexible and respond quickly to requests and needs. I highly recommend CompleteMarkets to any company in need of increased lead generation.

Reputation 311

Verified Client Review: CompleteMarkets is a great company and Erin Carlson has been a great help, IF you want to find out where markets are or what can be written then sign up ,gone are the days that you look up markets with a book !! Also, when a prospect of mine posted an unfair and negative review, they allowed me to dispute it and after I provided them with evidence (email) that the review was unfair and inaccurate and that I had provided quality service and was undeserving of the negative review, they handled the dispute for me and get it resolved promptly, helping to keep my online reputation intact. Unlike yelp, or google or yahoo reviews, if you have an unfair review, there is actually a team of people at CompleteMarkets that will handle the dispute for you in a timely and fair manner.

Reputation 263

Verified Peer Review: I use CompleteMarkets daily for exclusive commercial leads and market searches. I needed some assistance in placing a policy that was being non-renewed, due to a non-negligent claim. I placed an inquiry on CompleteMarkets’ Ask Your Peers forum (where you can reach out to the member community for help), and within minutes I had responses. Cameron Allen from Veracity stepped up to assist me. Cameron worked his magic and was able to help me write this policy for over 6k in premium. I have to say ‘thank you’ to CompleteMarkets and Veracity for quickly helping me get this policy written.

Reputation 12

Verified Review: Completemarkets is amazing and has helped our agency grow this year. We are very happy with the high quality leads we receive and are looking forward to another great year. Thank you compleletemarkets and to all the staff that make it such a success.

Joy! What a great thing to read on a Wednesday afternoon! Your success is our success, so I'm very happy to hear how great our leads have been for you and your agency! Our team is dedicated to top-notch customer service, so don't ever hesitate to reach out!!
Reputation 0

Verified Review: The site really saved a potential client! We were looking for Miscellaneous Professional Liability coverage, and came up with only a high priced E & S policy. We were searching for anyone that could get us better pricing/coverage. Using the Market Search we were able to find 2 companies that were willing to give us quotes for both better price and coverage. Just what I needed.All this within 10 minutes of going on the site. Thank You !

Thank you, William! A pat on the back never fails to brighten our team's day. :-)

I hope you share your experience with other producers and continue to use our site often.
Reputation 113

Verified Review: In the last 3 months Erin and her team have helped us increase our closing ratio over 50% with the market match lead program. The markets that they have partnered with are very willing to help on that hard to place risk. The response time by her partners is fantastic.

Hi Dana! That is fantastic! It always makes my day to hear we are impacting our members in such a powerful way! Here is to 2016 and even more growth!