Aegis Administrative Services Inc

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    Program Administrator, Program Administrator
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    6970 W. Oiversey Ave., Chicago, IL 60707
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Aegis provides cost containment health insurance benefits and claims administration for all types of clients........Associations, Unions and employer groups, as well as individuals and everything in between.  Services offered include discount benefit plans, mini-med health plans, self insured fund administration, stop loss, reinsurance and fully insured major medical plans.

We specialize in offering options to self-insured Plans, individuals, and an array of other outsourcing services to self-insured companies in the Unites States. These services include custom health plan designs and implementation, claims payment and management, network access, indemnity plans and stop loss.

 Self insured options
 Fully insured plans
 Guaranteed and simplified issue
 Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans
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