Archangel Equity Partners, LLC
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Archangel Equity Partners, LLC
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Archangel Equity Partners Fixes Problems for Tough to Place Businesses
Archangel Equity Partners, LLC Management Consulting
Introductions Enhance Product & Services Selection, Protect the Client & 
Generate You More Income as Our Advocate. 

AEP Enhanced Risk Management Procurement Solutions (RMPS) Include:  
Workers Compensation Solutions - General Liability Solutions - Property Solutions - Management Liability Solutions & More
Our Options Fix Problems for Most Business Types - Construction Contractors Included

Alternates solutions for tough NEW YORK / FLORIDA workers compensation risks.

Bring Archangel Equity Partners, LLC to the Table and Increase Your Revenue.
Our Management Consulting Products & Services Solve Problems
Multiple Options for Difficult Placements through Our Insurance Services Advocates

As an Advocate Match Yourself with Proprietary Relationships & Proprietary Products 
via Our Proprietary Razors Edge Auction Portal 'I-BidOnline'
New to the Insurance Community.

Proprietary Options via Temporary Staffing, Employee Leasing & PEO Brokers.

The first Advocate to contact us from this Complete Markets ad and close a deal with us wins a complimentary stay at The Indigo East End Hotel with a tour of Long Islands beautiful vineyards.  Contact us for details - Long Island wine season is approaching!

The attached is an information request and can also be accessed at our web site.  
More information yields better results! 
Our Project Managers Introduce Winning Combinations where Others Do Not.

Contact Us for Easy Set Up 646-259-3512 or [email protected]
Help Us Help You!

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Archangel Equity Partners, LLC has other insurance programs like Archangel Equity Partners PEO / Employee Leasing & Temporary Staffing Solutions.