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Residential Child Care Insurance

Why do you need to purchase Residential Child Care Insurance?
    • A child suffers bodily injury while on your playground equipment
    • The parent of a child enrolled in your program makes a false charge of abuse or molestation against you
    • One of your employees/volunteers trips and spills hot soup onto a child
    • Emotional distress to the parent of a child enrolled in your program caused when you did not obtain a permission slip to take them on a field trip
Residential Child Care Insurance Coverage Features:
    • Professional Liability automatically provided at the General liability limit for no additional charge
    • No liability deductible
    • Child Molestation & Abuse limits available up to $100,000 per occurrence/$300,000 aggregate - Definition includes Corporal Punishment
    • Child Molestation and Abuse coverage applies off premise
    • Defese Cost Reimbursement can be purchased for alleged acts of Child Molestation or Abuse against the facility owner and employees
    • Medical Payments coverage automaticaaly provided for no additional charge that includes coverage for enrolled students
    • Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability coverage available
    • Expanded definition of Body Injury to include sickness or disease caused by mental anguish or emotional distress  
Eligible Risks Include:
    • RIsks with pets
    • Risks with premise swimming activities at public pools
    • Risks with wading pools 24 inches in depth or less
    • Risks with special needs children
    • Risks that accept children on a drop in basis  
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