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Financial Success Training for Brokers         

Many commercial insurance brokers are missing a critical skill. Unquestionably, they are experts at presenting insurance products that protect companies from issues like employee theft or help customers achieve surety bonding. This product expertise is a bar to entry – everyone must have it to compete.
The missing skills for most brokers lie is in their ability to:
1.    Read their customer’s financial statements
2.    Diagnose and understand financial strengths and weaknesses 
3.    Offer the advice customers must have to achieve the levels of insurance and bonding they require 

Brokers who have the level of financial acumen and savvy necessary to help customers get the coverage they need will inspire customer confidence and loyalty and more easily win the battle for business. Brokers who lack those financial tools and skills will be at huge and unnecessary disadvantage.
Why necessary? Because there is new financial training program to correct this deficiency for brokers. Financial Success Training for Brokers (FSTFB) is friendly, practical, and combines the convenience of online learning with the safety net of live mentoring and the skill retention of application to real customer situations. FSTFB is a crucial ingredient in the "trusted advisor/consultant" training process for any broker. 

An important take away tool in the FSTFB program is the Broker's Analyzer. The Analyzer gives every broker what they need to analyze their customer's financial strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations to improve coverage worthiness. The Broker's Analyzer evaluates financial issues around Surety, Directors and Officers Liability, Employee Theft and Business Interruption.

The Analyzer can be purchased as part of the FSTFB package or as a stand alone.
Over the past 14 years, the Financial Success Training team delivered live financial performance improvement initiatives to improve bottom line performance to tens of thousands of managers and employees at companies large (ABB, Steelcase, BOC Gases) and small (Almatis, Sturm Foods, Americas Merchandise Mart). The companies were in a wide variety of industries with one thing always in common: the desire to end financial inadequacy, misinformation and bad decisions for their staff.
To impact the financial confidence and competency for the greatest number of managers and employees, we transformed that live training experience into a robust, on demand, eLearning platform. FSTFB's competitive advantage is six, concrete steps that stimulate strong engagement, rapid learning, high retention, practical behavior change and measurable results.
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