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Motorsports Insurance
When choosing an agency to cover your racing team – whether it’s a weekend hobby, a semiprofessional team or a professional team – why not choose an agency that not only provides motorsports coverage but has also been in the driver’s seat.

Motorsports Insurance is a high risk exposure and although it’s a fun and thrilling one, it’s not one that is easily placed!

The difference between claims being accepted or denied; all come in when it comes to the attention of detail. We have the eye for detail and can provide the protection needed to ensure your client is fully covered.

Our Motorsports Insurance offers multiple features to meet the needs of your client.

Program Features:• Physical Damage on Track (drag racing and road racing only)

• Physical Damage Off Track

• Owners and Sponsors Liability

• Shop Insurance

• Spare Parts, Equipment, Tool Coverage

• Hauler Insurance (to include Motorhome, Toterhome, Big Rig)

• Trailer Insurance
Some Target Classes May Include:• Go Karts

• Race Tracks

• Motorcycles

• Racing Teams

• Sports Car Clubs

• Motocross

• Drag Strips

• Speedway Tracks

Off Track only side:  All forms of motorsports, trailers, tools and equipment, personal watercraft, boats, off road vehicles.  Physical Damage only, no liability, underwritten in house up to $150,000 in value, over $150,000 in value prior submit to carrier.

On Track Side:  All forms of motorsports on track physical damage coverage (side by side circle track and road racing excluded), no limit on value, liability included, options to quote off track, toterhome/motorhome/hauler, trailer, tools and equipment. All submissions personally underwritten individually and interviewed by carrier.

Our team understands the wide-ranging exposures and the financial losses that can occur on the race track or during a special event. We have the right policy for your sport and your budget and can offer solutions to keep you and your client on track.

We know the challenges you and your client face, and we can and will help!

Our knowledge in this industry is how we leverage our experience to create a solution for your client. Let our industry knowledge help steer you and your vehicle through all the hazards and come out on top at the finish line, call us today for your Motorsports Insurance quote and how we can provide speedy coverage.

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    Managing General Underwriter and Excess & Surplus Lines Broker
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    Most Available Markets
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