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The Gapper / IRMI

Your Resource for Risk and Insurance Solutions
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    Paul Murray, VP of Sales and Marketing
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    12222 Merit Drive, Suite 1450 Dallas, TX 75251
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Founded in 1978, IRMI helps risk and insurance professionals make wise decisions with a vast online risk and insurance library. When you see the owl, remember the quality and guarantee behind the IRMI brand.
Could you use a crystal ball for risk management? Although IRMI does not offer one for sale, we do provide valuable tips, tactics, and strategies for risk management and insurance professionals.
At IRMI, our mission is to be the premier authority in providing expert advice and practical strategies for risk management, insurance, and legal professionals. We will continuously earn our customers’ trust and confidence by empowering them with the most reliable and accurate information, maintaining the highest levels of integrity in all that we do, and quickly responding to their needs.
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