5 Things to Stop Being Lax About

Safety is in the details. Not to say that things like fire drills, on-site medical staff and building maintenance aren't important, but accidents are frequently caused by minor things creating a domino effect leading to serious injury. Here are five "no big deal" safety concerns that we would be well-advised to treat with a little more caution:

1. Proper Footwear

Not such a big deal in a carpeted office, but seriously important in a kitchen setting, and literally life-saving on construction sites. You don't want people navigating scaffoldings in flip flops.

2. Loose Clothing and Hair

Ever see The Incredibles, where the superhero costume designer absolutely refuses to put anyone in a cape? Same principle.

3. Skipping Lunch

The lunch break isn't just a chance to grab a bite to eat mid-day, it's there because you simply cannot be alert and safe working eight hours straight. If someone wants to pick up an extra hour, let them do so at the end of the day.

4. Proper Eyewear

Sure, it's a pain in the neck to go grab your goggles every time you use the tablesaw, but even if you're lucky enough to avoid a serious eye injury, a piece of sawdust in your eyelash creates a momentary lapse of attention that can spiral into serious injury.

5. Lunchbreak Drinking

Some employers look the other way when it comes to drinking, as long as it's not technically "on the job," and their employees aren't getting totally loaded. But even a couple of beers, and even in a low-risk setting like an office or a restaurant, can become a catalyst for an accident. Something as simple as a paper shredder or a deep frier can become very dangerous in the hands of even a mildly intoxicated employee.

Your employees might think you're a bit of a stickler, but they'll thank you in the long run. Even a minor slip-up can lead to a major situation.
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