6 Times to Reevaluate Your Life Insurance Coverage

You spend months and thousands of dollars on creating the perfect wedding day. From the invitations to the reception, you want everything to be perfect. All your best planning can't prevent poor weather, vendor cancellation or lost photographs, though. Consider the benefits of wedding insurance as you protect your special day. What Is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance reimburses you for lost items associated with your big day. Maybe your gown is damaged as you transport it from your home to the venue, the caterer cancels at the last minute or one of your wedding presents is stolen. Use wedding insurance to reimburse your financial losses.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Basic wedding insurance covers problems with the wedding and reception site, vendors, key people, weather, injury and sickness. You can also purchase additional coverage for the photography, videography, gifts, attire, medical payment, personal liability and honeymoon. Keep in mind that wedding insurance usually doesn't cover cold feet, precious jewels on the dress or jewelry.

For a complete list of what your wedding insurance will cover, check your policy. It usually includes a deductible and a limit on the maximum amount of coverage it provides.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

Typically, wedding insurance coverage will run you between $150 and $550. The total cost depends on which types of things you want to insure and on the amount of coverage you want. As a reference, general liability insurance covers accidents and costs an average of $185.

Is Wedding Insurance a Necessity?

Before you buy a wedding insurance policy, do your homework. Ask each of your vendors if they have their own insurance policies. If so, you can examine copies of their policies and make sure you're not purchasing overlapping coverage. If they don't have insurance, consider whether or not you have enough money to cover a cancellation, loss or other unforeseen circumstance. Also, decide if you need the peace of mind insurance can provide.

When Should You Buy Wedding Insurance? If you decide to purchase wedding insurance, buy a policy as soon as you start booking venues. Be sure to ask your insurance company if they have a limit on how long a policy can be in place.

Your wedding is one of the biggest and most special events you'll ever plan. Protect every detail of the day and your peace of mind with wedding insurance. Your agent will discuss your wedding details and assist you in finding the right coverage and policy for your needs.
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