7 Ways to Encourage all Your Employees to Volunteer

Volunteering as a company boosts employee morale, increases employee retention and helps your team members bond. After all, your employees feel valued when the company they work for sees and meets needs in community. Discover seven ways your company can encourage all your employees to participate in volunteer projects.

1. Find an organization that needs your company's skills.

Whether your employees are lawyers, contractors, accountants or bakers, they'll appreciate using their professional skills to solve problems and meet needs in the community.

2. Choose a project that invites everyone to participate.

Increase everyone's participation when you choose a Habitat for Humanity, community clean-up or other large-scale project that welcomes multiple participants.

3. Ask employees to suggest volunteer opportunities.

Your employees are more likely to spend their free time volunteering if they're passionate about the volunteer opportunity. Before selecting a project, poll your employees and get their input.

4. Lead by example.

Top-level executives set the tone for the entire company. That's why they need to lead by example and be the first ones to sign up for volunteer day.

5. Donate to your employees' favorite charities.

In addition to volunteer projects, match charity donations your employees make. Everyone wins!

6. Invite family members and friends to participate.

Especially if your company's volunteer opportunity occurs after regular working hours, invite employees to bring their family members and friends or provide free childcare. Add a level of fun to the day and increase your helping capacity.

7. Wear matching shirts or hats.

Boost pride in your company when you provide your employees with a uniform for volunteer day. As a bonus, they receive a free shirt or hat to wear at home, too.

Every company wants to boost employee morale and retention. Do that and make a difference in your community when you encourage your employees to volunteer.

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