How To Encourage Employees To Keep Their New Year's Health Resolutions

The most popular New Year’s resolutions are often related to health and wellness. Your employees may also want to eat better, exercise more or achieve work-life balance. Here’s how you can support your employees and help them achieve their health goals. As a bonus, you could save money on health insurance costs as your employees get healthier.

Offer Health Screenings

Provide employees with access to information that helps them address their specific health concerns and take an active role in their wellness. A health screening provides specific information about cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, and body mass index.

Improve Vending Machine Options

Give employees better food and beverage choices when you replace the soda and candy machines. Opt for health vending machines that serve fruit, water and yogurt.

Select Healthy Catering Options

Catered lunches and refreshments at meetings show your employees that you appreciate them. Select healthy options like salads, fruit or whole grain wraps to promote better nutrition.

Hand Out Reusable Water Bottles

Drinking more water is a key to alertness, productivity and wellness. A reusable water encourages employees to drink enough water every day.

Host a Contest

Reward employees who eat more fruits and veggies, exercise every day or get more sleep. The prizes can be gift cards to a yoga studio, cardio class or health-focused restaurant.

Provide Discounted Gym Memberships

Your employees may find it easier to move more if they have access to a gym. A discounted gym membership can be a good motivator for your employees to work out alone or with co-workers.

Organize a Walking Club or Sports Team

Start a lunchtime walking club, or assemble a bowling, baseball or basketball team and join your community’s adult sports league. Your employees can get fit and have fun together as a team.

Participate in a Charity 5K

Work together as a company to raise money for a local charity. Everyone can participate in a 5K by walking or running in the event.

Hire a Yoga Teacher

Yoga helps your employees relax and can improve productivity, creativity and decision making. Hire a yoga instructor to teach a class during lunch or before work as you enhance your work environment.

Designate Meditation Space

Meditation reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Choose a quiet space where employees can take a break to meditate and unwind.

Implement Better Work-Life Balance

Allow employees to improve their work-life balance, and they will be more present at work. Encourage employees to turn off their devices after work, allow flexible work hours, and promote personal and professional development opportunities.

Your employees are your company’s most important assets. Assist them in achieving their New Year’s resolutions when you implement these tips.
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