Facebook at Work Catches On

You already probably use Facebook to connect with family and friends. Now, Facebook at Work gives you the benefits of social media and improves communication, collaboration and productivity. It's catching on and might become the next big thing at your workplace.

What is Facebook at Work?

Facebook at Work looks and feels like Facebook.com. Both platforms have the same tools, apps and features, so you can use Messenger, Search, Groups, Events and the News Feed, plus video and photo sharing. It's available for desktops, iPhone, Android and mobile web. Even if you don't have a personal Facebook, you can have a Facebook at Work account because to use Facebook at Work, employees create new accounts that are completely separate from their personal accounts.

One of the biggest differences between the two platforms is the color. Facebook at Work is white rather than blue, which allows bosses to see at a glance which Facebook employees are using. Corporations can also access and monitor everything employees do on Facebook at Work.

Easy to Use

Many companies appreciate how easy Facebook at Work is to use. Because employees are already familiar with Facebook.com, they don't need to undergo hours of training on a new platform.

Improves Communication

Communication is easier than ever thanks to Facebook at Work. Simply start a group message and get answers to questions or feedback on a proposal within minutes or work out the details of a project in a group with teammates and clients.

Promotes Collaboration

It's easy for employees who telecommute or work in different offices around the world to feel isolated. Facebook at Work builds a network of colleagues and helps everyone feel like part of the team.

Increases Productivity

Instead of browsing Facebook.com all the time, employees can continue to use Facebook and get work done. It also makes projects and teamwork easier than ever. With a glance, you can use this social media platform to see what everyone else is doing, find inspiration and stay motivated.

Requires Action

Like any social media platform, Facebook at Work only works if people use it. You may need to educate non-tech-savvy employees about its ins and out.

Facebook at Work is not the only social media option for corporations. Microsoft Office 365 offers Yammer, VMware sells Socialcast and Salesforce.com offers Chatter. However, the benefits of Facebook at Work make it ideal for most companies. If your company isn't using it, consider getting on board as you connect employees, improve productivity and increase cooperation in your office.
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