Family-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

On April 22, your entire family can celebrate Earth Day. Consider participating in one or more of these family-friendly activities as you enjoy nature and conserve natural resources.

Spend Time Outside  

Take a walk, look for birds, go camping, or stare at the clouds. Reconnecting with nature can enhance your sense of wonder and remind you of all the reasons why you protect the environment on Earth Day and every day.

Organize a Neighborhood Cleanup

Ask your neighbors to join you in picking up trash, removing landscaping waste, and sprucing up the local park in your neighborhood. As you work, discuss the benefits of reducing litter and get to know your neighbors better.

Plant Food

Give your children insight into where their food comes from when you plant your own herbs and vegetables. On Earth Day, you can cultivate a plot or choose containers, and select seeds to plant.

Visit a Farmers’ Market

Discover the source of your food at a farmers’ market. Here, your kids can talk to farmers about their growing processes, harvesting techniques and food recipes.

Enjoy a Picnic

Celebrate Earth Day and warmer spring weather with a picnic. Set up a blanket in your backyard or a local park and enjoy picnic foods made from vegetables, fruits and all-natural ingredients.

Power Down

Turn off your electronic devices on Earth Day. Conserve energy as you play board games, shoot hoops or look through photo albums together.

Use Natural Art Supplies

Pinecones, leaves, yucca, and dirt are all examples of natural art supplies your family can use to create art. You can even build robots, picture frames or mobiles from natural art supplies as you reduce waste and have fun on Earth Day.

Drive Less

Walk, ride a bike or take public transportation to reduce pollution and your family’s carbon footprint. As a bonus, driving less could lower your auto insurance rates.  

Donate Money to an Eco-Friendly Cause

Numerous local, national and international causes support earth-friendly initiatives, such as ocean cleanup, wildlife conservation or tree planting. Hold a yard sale or spend less money this month to increase your donation.
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