Improve Health Options In Your Workplace This Fall

Improved health in the workplace boosts morale and equips employees to be more productive at work. Consider creating a healthier workplace environment this fall with these tips.

Review the Catering Menu

Before your next celebratory or company-wide meal, research local catering options. Choose a caterer that offers healthy choices, such as grilled chicken, salads, and fruit.

Switch the Vending Machines

Healthier options in the vending machines encourage your employees to make smarter snack choices throughout the day. Switch from candy and soda to granola and water, for example.

Give Healthy Holiday Gifts

If your company gives holiday gifts, go healthy. Select tropical fruit bars, flavored green tea or gift cards for the local farmers market, fitness center or nutrition store.

Share Healthy Local Restaurants

Encourage employees to visit healthy restaurants for meetings or lunch. You can create a list of healthy restaurant options within walking distance to prompt employees to exercise more, too.

Stock the Break Room with Fresh Produce

Encourage employees to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of chips or candy bars when you supply healthy produce in the break room. Mix up the selection based on the produce that’s in season or your employees' preferences.

Plan a Healthy Potluck

For your next workplace get together, ask employees to bring their favorite healthy dish. You can also encourage friendly competition with healthy recipe taste test, vegetarian chili cookoff or Chopped contest.

Install Bike Racks

Your employees may be more willing to bike to work if you install bike racks outside. Provide a bike repair or rental stipend, too, as you encourage this healthy mode of transportation.

Post Stairwell Exercises

The stairs provide numerous exercise options. Post examples on the stair doors and in the stairwell. Change the suggested exercises monthly to keep the stairwell workouts fresh and exciting.

Promote Walking Meetings

Physical exercise improves physical health, reduces stress and boosts creativity, so challenge employees to schedule walking meetings when possible. They can hit the walking trails near the office or take a stroll around the corridors and walkways in your building.

Buy Standing or Treadmill Desks

Give employees the option to stand or walk as they work when you provide standing or treadmill desks. As a bonus, these desks can boost collaboration and creativity among all your employees.

Provide Fitness Club Memberships

Your employee benefits package can demonstrate your commitment to health when you include a gym membership. This perk prompts employees to get healthier, and you can use the gym facility and existing classes to initiate group team-building and fitness exercises.

This fall, encourage your employees to get healthier. These health options boost overall health and wellbeing, creating a company of healthy, fulfilled and relaxed employees.
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