Natural Ways to Improve Oral Health

Your oral health affects your physical health. Heart disease and osteoporosis are two health challenges that can stem from poor oral health. Try several natural methods that improve your oral health. To figure out if the methods work for you, try them for at least two months.

Eat Whole Foods

When you eat only whole, unprocessed foods, your oral health improves. That's because refined flours and sugars promote tooth decay. Alternatively, fresh foods contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that grow strong teeth and healthy gums.

Choose Sugar Substitutes

If you have to consume sweets, look for foods made with sugar substitutes such as xylitol and sorbitol. These substitutes fight cavities.

Drink Tea

Green and black teas contain flavonoids. They stop the bacteria growth that causes tooth decay. Teas can also contain fluoride that reduces cavities and strengthens teeth.

Take a Multivitamin

A quality multivitamin reduces dietary deficiencies. It also contains selenium and zinc, two minerals that improve your immune system which then fights dental bacteria.

Avoid Environmental Toxins

Lead breaks down tooth enamel and creates chalky lesions on your teeth. By avoiding exposure to it, you can improve your oral health.

Use Mouthwash That's Alcohol-Free

Alcohol dries your mouth, which allows bacteria to grow. Mouthwashes with chamomile, myrrh and Echinacea kill germs and reduce dryness.

Minimize Medication Usage

Certain medications cause oral health problems. For example, antidepressants reduce saliva levels, which can cause tooth decay. Birth control pills also promote bacterial growth and increase your risk of developing gum disease. If you must take medications, ask your doctor for a lower the dose or take extra vitamin C and chew sugar-free gum to reduce the adverse oral effects.

Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly

Worn toothbrush heads don't remove food and plaque effectively. You could end up with tooth decay, gum inflammation and gingivitis. At least once a month, replace your toothbrush.

Improve Your Brushing Technique

The way you brush your teeth can efficiently remove food debris and plaque. Use five to 10 strokes on all surfaces of each tooth. Brush downwards on your upper teeth, upwards on the bottom teeth and in a circular motion on your back teeth.

Brush Regularly

At least once a day, brush your teeth. For optimal oral health, brush after every meal.

Take these natural steps to strengthen your teeth, prevent cavities, reduce gum disease and improve your overall oral health. You should also use your dental insurance benefits and visit your dentist at least once every six months. Receive a thorough cleaning and an oral exam as you prevent dental problems and promote oral health.
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