Pest Control Insurance

Pest control comes with its own unique risks, and those risks demand their own unique insurance policy. Some providers won't even cover pest control contractors simply because there's so much that can go wrong, even with the most expert, experienced contractors. Niche providers are familiar with the risks that pest control contractor insurance needs to cover, but these providers often don't have quite the economic weight with which to inspire confidence in their customers.

In short: It's tricky getting adequate pest control insurance coverage. You need a provider that has the financial muscle to back you, but with attention to detail and knowledge of the industry. Here are just a few of the things that need to be covered:

Pollution Coverage

No matter how environmentally sound your product may be, there's a stigma that surrounds the compounds used by exterminators. With pollution insurance, it's not just about staying covered, it's about giving your customer peace of mind: If something happens, we have the financial backing to fix it. Carrying pollution coverage is as much about covering your own risks as it is about sending the right message to the people you service.

Pest Inspection Damage Liability

Some of the risks involved in pest control have nothing to do with poisons and traps, and everything to do with the simple act of inspection. If you knock a lamp over in your own home, you buy a new lamp. Knock a lamp over in a customer's house while looking for mouse droppings, and you've got a liability problem on your hands. Every part of the process needs to be covered, from inspection to extermination.

Worker's Compensation

There's no such thing as a job where employees never get hurt. With pest control, you have your people carrying around heavy tanks of poisons, placing traps, and sometimes getting face to face with dangerous animals. Your provider needs to understand the unique risks faced by your employees when they're ridding a home of unwanted guests.

General Liability

If you've worked in pest control for any amount of time, then you've learned that the job comes with all of the risks you'd expect to come with trapping animals and getting rid of bugs, and a whole lot of risks that you'd never see coming. You need general liability coverage in just about every field, but few jobs bring as many unforeseen liability issues as pest control.
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