Tips for Finding Employees on Campus

If there's a college campus near you, consider hiring the students. They often need a job, and they may even be looking for a career. Take advantage of that market when you use these tips.

Set Up a Booth at a Career Fair

Call the college and find out when the next career fair is being held. Set up a booth, prepare a raffle item and share your business opportunity.

Build Relationships With College Officials and Professors

The college's development officials and professors know the students better than you do. Cultivate relationships and get to know them. When you're ready to hire someone, ask your contacts for quality referrals.

Teach a Class

Use your professional skills to teach a class. One of your students could be your next employee.

Sponsor Campus Events

Sporting, social and civic events are important aspects of college life. When you sponsor one of these events, you increase your business's visibility and support the college.

Use Social Media

College students are active on social media, and your chances of recruiting new employees increases if you jump online, too. Post regularly on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. As a bonus, use social media to research potential hires, too.

Create a Video Series

Today's students are visual, so create and post videos that are valuable to college students. Possible topics include how to save money on clothes, storage hacks for dorm rooms, ways to get involved in the community and tips for acing a job interview.

Do a Giveaway

Everyone likes free stuff, especially college students on a budget. Host an online or in-person contest where entries are given in exchange for a student's contact information. The prize can be a tech gadget, cash, free food or something else.    

Offer a College Discount

Depending on your company's product or service, offer a discount to students. You'll build your contacts list and relationships as the students shop at your store.

Hold an Open House

Invite local college students to an open house at your business. Provide free food and door prizes as you give tours or demos of your products and services. Every student who attends should fill out a contact form, and you can contact those students when you're ready to hire.

Offer Shares in Your Company

If you can't afford to offer an attractive salary or benefits package, offer shares of your business instead. College students value the opportunity to have a voice in the decision-making and future of their company.
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