Ways To Protect Your Electronic Devices In The Office And On The Road

In your company, you rely on electronic devices like phones, tablets and laptops. Several tips protect these devices from cybercriminals, damage and theft as you use them in the office and on the road.

Purchase Insurance

Your commercial business insurance policy should cover your electronic devices if they suffer damage or are lost or stolen. You should also require employees to insure the personal devices they use for work.

Install Anti-Virus Software

To prevent cybercriminals from accessing your devices and accessing sensitive information, install and use anti-virus software. Update the software regularly, too, as you deter cyber threats and protect your device and data.  

Avoid Phishing Attacks

Opening corrupted files, attachments, links, or apps can introduce malware or spyware to a device or your entire network. Never open suspicious emails, and carefully inspect every app before you install it as you avoid phishing attacks.

Use Passwords Wisely

In addition to protecting your device with a passcode or fingerprint, use unique passwords for each account and website you access. Choose passwords that are difficult to guess, and don’t share your passwords with anyone.

Limit Access

Certain files should be accessible only to employees who need to access that information. By limiting access, you protect data.

Back Up Often

At least daily, devices should be backed up to the cloud. This step prevents data loss if the device is corrupted, lost or stolen.

Log Off

It only takes a second for someone to access your device and steal information. Any time you step away from your desk or take a break, log out of the accounts and websites you were using.

Use Secure Wifi

Public wifi is easy to hack into, which makes your device vulnerable when you use it at a coffee shop or hotel. When possible, connect to secure wifi or don’t access bank accounts or other sensitive information via public wifi.

Apply Protection

A sturdy case, glass protector and padded case can prevent damage if you drop your phone, it falls off the desk or it’s exposed to dirt and dust. Use protection that’s designed specifically for your device.

Carry Devices with You

While traveling by car, train or airplane, keep your device nearby instead of checking it with your luggage. Not only will you know where your device is at all times, but you also gain control over who handles your device, how it’s handled and who has access to it.

Your electronic devices allow you to do business in the office or on the road. Use these tips to protect your devices and your business.
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