When Should You Replace Your Company's Computers?

Slow and outdated computers compromise your company’s productivity. Old devices can also allow cyber breaches. Understand when to replace the office computers as you improve cybersecurity and protect your company and customers.

Boost Startup and Shutdown

Computers should startup and shutdown within seconds. Slow startup and shutdown could indicate that too many applications run in the background or that your computers are running out of space and should be upgraded.

Upgrade Hardware

If your computers need new hardware like memory or graphics slots, you can upgrade that hardware. There comes a point, though, when your computers have no more capacity or can’t support essential upgrades. A new model will support your hardware needs.

Improve Security  

The newest Windows or Mac operating systems feature strong security and could allow you to implement protective measures like fingerprint readers or a facial recognition camera. Replace your computers to improve security.  

Speed up Performance

Slow computers increase user frustration and reduce efficiency and productivity. Consider an upgrade to ensure all your office computers run at their optimum performance.

Load Applications Quickly

Confirm that you’re running the latest version of the applications you use often. If your computers are still slow, they may be unable to handle the tasks and should be replaced.

Match Hardware and Software

A computer’s hardware and the software your company runs must be compatible or the device is useless. Upgrade your computers to ensure the hardware and software match.

Improve Multitasking

Ideally, computers can handle multiple applications at one time. However, if you notice delays or crashes when you open applications or switch between tabs, your computers may be too old to handle your tasks.  

Go Smaller

Large, bulky and heavy computers take up valuable workspace and are not always energy efficient. Select smaller yet powerful machines, and you help employees organize their desks and complete their work more effectively.

Clean the Machines

Dirty keyboards can be cleaned with compressed air, and you can clean or replace noisy fans. However, if you’ve taken these steps and your computer fans still run often, it could be a sign that your computers can’t handle the programs and applications you run.

Save Money on Repairs

Sometimes, your computers simply need a repair, but the cost of the parts or the repairs may total as much as half the cost of a new device. In this case, replacing your old computers may be a smart decision for your business.

Your office computers are essential for business, so replace them as needed. Additionally, be sure to add your new devices to your business insurance policy, and verify that your cybersecurity insurance coverage continues to meet your needs and protects your customers and company.
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