Discover the Secret of Employee Satisfaction

Do you wake up excited to go to work each day? If so, your employer probably knows the secret to employee satisfaction. This secret provides high rates of employee productivity, attendance and retention, and you'll want to learn more as you get excited about work.

The Secret to Employee Satisfaction

The insurance company AFLAC actually discovered the employee satisfaction secret during a survey of successful companies. They originally wanted to know why some companies enjoyed rising sales and others did not. What they discovered has great impact for you.

According to AFLAC, companies that provide good benefits to their employees receive better productivity, attendance and retention in return. They also grow faster and thrive more than peer companies.

A Sanofi Healthcare Survey concluded the same thing. When asked if they would prefer a benefits package or $10,000, almost 60 percent of the surveyed employees preferred the benefits. Nearly 48 percent also chose the benefits when offered $20,000.

Benefits Packages Pay Off

While some companies balk at offering extensive benefits to their employees, that investment pays for itself. In fact, the benefits that provide the best employee satisfaction include:

*Major medical coverage
*Life insurance
*401(k) plans
*Flexible work options

A good benefit package prompts workers to stay healthy, remain loyal to the company and work harder each day. Ultimately, these benefits provide financial payback to companies who invest in good benefits.

Where can you find the best benefits? Try Microsoft, Whole Foods Market, Qualcomm, three of only 14 companies in the U.S. that pay 100 percent of their employees' health insurance costs. Zappos, Cisco Systems, IBM and Morningstar also offer unique benefits like vehicle tune-ups, large sabbaticals, extra 401(k) contributions and life coaching.

If you're satisfied with your job, thank your boss for the benefits package. If not, ask your HR manager for details about all the benefits your company offers. There might be a few you don't know about that will unlock your employee satisfaction.

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