Document Your Safety Program- Insurance companies love it

Document, in this case, is a verb, it's action; not a noun, like a few pages clipped together in a drawer.

Insurance companies receive snapshots of your business. The application, the loss control survey, the claim report, all the moments captured in time; and then the insurance company sets a price to reflect the motion picture that is your business.

Arguably, your credit report tells your story over time. Underwriters consider this an important document for that reason. The past behavior over time predicts the future.
You need to build a safety program(credit report). This report requires documentation.

A written safety plan requires thoughtful reflection on your company values; it answers the question: where does worker safety and liability avoidance rank among your priorities? The written document shows a commitment to safety, the standard operating procedures for a safe work environment.

Safety meeting minutes demonstrate that you hold meetings, that workers attend, the subject matter covered, and rules or procedures implemented.

Injury investigations show your commitment to understanding how an injury occurred and how to avoid the same injury in the future.

The documented plan shows safety program evolution over time. Management has a standard of safety, and manages towards that goal.

Some of the reports which demonstrate your safety culture:
1. All required government paperwork completed, up to date, and organized.
2. Employee safety meetings with updated standard operating procedures.
3. Written and posted evacuation plans, documented fire drills.
4. Contracts to inspect and update fire safety equipment.
5. Vehicle maintenance schedules and logs.
6. Equipment maintenance schedules and logs.
7. Driver documentation with annual physicals and driving records.
8. Quality control and assurance documents for products or completed operations.

These reports put motion to those insurance company snapshots. They show process. Insurance companies reward this behavior with lower premiums. Document your safety culture. 

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