Don PhinWhere's your edge? This is the question Sounds True founder, Tami Simon, asks her New Age guests. Their answer is usually the most interesting part of the interview.

So I ask you the same question. What are you doing in HR at your company that excites you? What are you doing that's cool, different, outrageous, experimental, and otherwise, really edgy?

If your answer is silence, you have a serious problem. What do you think will happen if your competition is focused on creating an "edge" and you're not? Kind of like Southwest Airlines vs. American, United, etc.

Pushing for the edge helps keep us going here at HR That Works. Sure we focus on doing the HR blocking and tackling as well as we can -- but we also want to make sure that our clients keep looking for their edge. For example, what if you distributed the Creativity Checklist and Employee Suggestion forms to your entire workforce? I'll bet that you can discover a lot of edge lying dormant at your company. Trust me. Just do it. One good idea can more than repay your investment in HR That Works for years to come! It can also do wonders for your career.

Here's what we're doing to build our edge at HR That Works:

  • We recently produced the Job Security Program and book. You can find it in the Training Modules. There's a lack of literature or programs on how to be a great employee. This program fills that void. I would encourage you to allow all your employees to spend the 90 minutes it takes to watch the program -- and then task them to complete the exercises in the book.
  • We've released the Time Management Program, a project that was years in the making. We did the Webinar months ago, got great feedback from our Members, and have produced a program that I believe all your employees and executives should watch. In today's "squeezed" economy, time is your most precious asset.
  • We've upgraded our website and are revamping our social media platforms to be managed by a new partner. We realized that although we knew what we wanted to do with social media, we just weren't implementing it fast enough. So we brought on third-party experts to do the job for us. If your social media platform is in the same spot we were in, using a third party can help take you to the edge.
  • We're providing cutting-edge Webinars. We'll continue to push the edge with who we bring in to help educate you on growing your managers and company. HR is not, and should not, be viewed primarily as a way to avoid getting sued. We're convinced that cultivating great employee relationships and a high level of trust helps minimize lawsuits. Last year we did 20 excellent webinars that you can now watch at any time. We'll produce an equal number this year -- giving us a library of more than 100 great stored webinars
  • We've upgraded site navigation. By now, you've been able to view the latest version of HR That Works. We've added the ability to attach documents to the audits, quizzes, and surveys. We'll also be making it easier to upload your own documents to the SharePoint portal.

I could go on, but that's plenty for now. I encourage you to keep asking yourself, "Where's my edge?" To compete in today's crazy business environment, you need to be creative, proactive, and ahead of the curve. Playing catch-up will guarantee the failure of your business -- and your career.

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