Here's what HR professionals are told to worry about most:
  • Discipline, termination, layoffs, bullies, violence, EPLI, etc.
  • Protecting ourselves from all the above.

Here's what should concern them most:

  • Hiring, orientation, training, performance, teamwork, leadership, time management, systems, strategy, branding, communication, quality, customer service and marketing.
  • Creating a constant improvement process in each of these areas because they help to grow the company.

Of course, you can't ignore compliance concerns as the article below points out. However, the legalistic concerns can overwhelm and distract us to the point that they blind us to what really matters. Here's my challenge to HR professionals – whether you're part or full-time; young or old; experienced or inexperienced, and no matter the size of your company. Carve out time to help your company improve in these strategic growth areas. Make yourself relevant to the bottom line. HR That Works offers a variety of excellent tools to help you do exactly that.

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