Editors Column: Time for Me to Go

I’ve been writing the Your Personnel Matters column since 1997. I’ve come to know many of our readers personally and I hope I’ve been able to share sound advice, strategies and tools over that time. 

Now that I have sold HRThatWorks and end my employment with ThinkHR, it’s time to do new things. I will be building Vistage HR Groups here in San Diego, doing workplace investigations, supporting ThinkHR consulting needs, continue speaking and I have a few more books up my sleeve. And more. No rest for the highly pumped up!

I finish with a few words of wisdom gathered from over 33 years as an employment attorney and risk consultant:

1. Following the law is not a maybe, it’s a must. I have no sympathy for employers who try to skirt around their legal obligations.

2. Get EPLI coverage. Limit your risk exposures wherever possible. Get a high deductible if cost is a major concern. Buy a stand-alone policy. 

3. Don’t hire victims. Make sure managers take a checklist approach to hiring. Ask my favorite interview question: “What felt unfair to you at your last job?” Dig into their answers. 

4. Don’t ignore, bury or deny problems. Investigate them promptly and thoroughly. Best time to deal with a problem is right now!

5. Don’t make things worse than they already are. Seek compromise and resolution…even if you feel you are “right”. If faced with a foe without reason then fight like hell and drag them before the court. 

6. Don’t give over control of litigation to the lawyers. Stay actively involved and make sure there is a well thought our game plan. 

7. Bring some joy, passion and fun to the workplace. Funny how those types of companies never seem to get sued! 

And…remember this: people who trust each other don’t sue each other!

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