Five Medical Conditions That Affect Your Life Insurance Rates the Most

You know you need life insurance, but finding affordable coverage is difficult if you suffer from certain medical conditions. Five specific medical conditions could be affecting your life insurance rates. Know what they are and how to address them as you find affordable life insurance coverage. 

Heart Disease

Whether you have an official heart disease diagnosis or heart disease runs in your family, expect to pay higher life insurance premium rates. Lower your risk of developing heart disease when you adapt a balanced diet, exercise moderately for 30 minutes most days and stop smoking. 


Type I diabetes typically develops during childhood, and this medical condition will increase your life insurance rates if you can find a company to insure you. Alternatively, adult-onset diabetes is sometimes manageable with dietary changes, exercise and medication. If you have Type 2 diabetes, commit to lifestyle changes and possibly see lower life insurance rates. 


Certain types of cancer, like skin cancer, do not affect your life insurance rates. However, other types potentially decrease your insurability or raise your rates. See your doctor for annual screenings if cancer runs in your family, and ask about other ways you can reduce your cancer risk. 


You might not feel unhealthy after a weight gain, but obesity can cause health conditions like heart disease. That means your life insurance rates will increase if you're obese. Use the CDC BMI calculator to determine if you're overweight. Because life insurance companies follow different weight guidelines, you can shop around and possibly find rates you can afford. 

Pulmonary Disease

Asthma and COPD are two examples of pulmonary disease that affects your life insurance rates. While seasonal asthma will not increase your premiums, chronic conditions will cost you more. 

Your medical conditions affect your life insurance rates, but every life insurance company has different guidelines that determine policy costs. Your life insurance agent will provide details about how your medical conditions affect your rates. Get those details today as you ensure you're adequately covered by a life insurance policy that provides for your family. 

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