Five Ways to Reduce Germs in the Workplace

Even though spring weather brings warmer temperatures, germs spread year round. Keep everyone in your workplace healthy and reduce germs with five tips.

1. Stay Home if You're Sick

You are a dedicated employee, but according to the University of Arizona, one sick person can contaminate half of the common surfaces in your office. Everyone at work will thank you and stay healthier when you keep your germs at home.

2. Partner Together for a Germ-Free Work Zone

Encourage everyone to get on board and support a germ-free work zone as you increase your chances of staying healthy. To build participation:

  • Hang posters that demonstrate proper hand washing techniques.
  • Provide tissues, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and disinfectant spray to every employee, and stock these cleaning items in the common areas.
  • Encourage everyone to wipe off surfaces at the end of each day, including the copier machine buttons, refrigerator handles and door knobs.

3. Don't Share

Even a small item like a pen can harbor germs, especially if your coworker chews on the end as he or she brainstorms. Instead of sharing office supplies, stock your own. Use your own telephone when possible too.

4. Sneeze and Cough Into Your Sleeve

Instead of spreading germs, contain them in your sleeve. Even better, sneeze or cough into a disposable tissue that you toss away immediately. Remind everyone else to do the same when you post sneezing etiquette signs around the building.

5. Clean Often

Even if you're not sick, your desk may harbor germs and bacteria. Clean your desk, phone, drawer handles and the other items you used at least once a day with sanitizing wipes or disinfecting spray.

You'll also want to clear clutter off common areas. That makes it easier for the nightly cleaning crew to reach all the crevices and remove all the germs.

This spring and all year, stay healthy when you implement five tips that fight germs. Your body and your coworkers will thank you!

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