How to Embrace the OSHA Mission

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mission concerns the reduction and elimination of workplace conditions which lead to accidents and illness.

Rumored to be feared by many contractors for surprise inspections and handing out steep fines.

OSHA, however, administers safety and health more than policing it. If you embrace their mission, OSHA becomes a great partner.

Use OSHA Research

OSHA has libraries of manuals and fliers regarding on the job hazards and alerts for newly discovered perils. The publications, available on their website, bring awareness and solutions to potentially dangerous job conditions.

The literal A to Z coverage of dangerous chemicals and occupational risks can be found at in English or Spanish.

Use OSHA Paper work and Forms

Some are mandatory anyway, so adapt the forms to your reporting purposes and cut back on data entry. Their injury log organizes essential data for injury occurrences on the job. Add to these data by keeping records of near misses, prevention responses, or any in house data or follow up within your own safety culture.

Read and review OSHA forms to mine ideas regarding your own programs. OSHA responds to general safety and health needs; but you can tailor ideas to fit your specific conditions.

Use OSHA Spanish Language Signs and Instructions

OSHA serves as a built-in interpreter for essential safety communications which require a specialty lexicon. Non-English speaking labor does not automatically know the United States standards of or tolerance for safety. OSHA helps with the teaching.

Some signs remind of important employee rights and procedures. OSHA has these signs available in Spanish to assure your compliance.

Use OSHA Training Classes

HAZMAT response may be a specialty occupation, but most laborers should have basic knowledge of how to spot a potential toxic chemical spill. OSHA certified training is quite good in this area.

If you've been cited unfairly or just don't like the idea of OSHA site inspections, don't deprive yourself of OSHA research, posters, language help or ideas. Embrace the health and safety aspects for your employees. You have that in common. 

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