How to Make Sure Your Electronics are Properly Insured

Take a minute to count the number of cellphones, TVs, computers, gaming systems and music players in your home. Do you own more than 5, 15 or even 25 devices? What are they all worth? Your homeowners or renters insurance policy might not cover your electronics, so learn how to insure all your valuable devices.

Check Your Homeowners or Renters Insurance Policy

Under the Contents section of your policy, take a look at what's covered. If your electronics aren't specifically mentioned, ask your agent for details about available coverage. Remember to ask if your devices are covered in case they're damaged accidentally, dropped, immersed in liquid, cracked, vandalized, stolen or affected by a power surge.

Think About Actual Versus Replacement Value

You may have purchased your computer a few years ago for $300, but replacing it with a comparable model today may cost $700. Be sure your insurance policy covers the cost of replacing all your electronic devices. The extra premium you'll pay is usually only a few dollars but pays for itself multiple times over if you need to file a claim.

Consider the Deductible

Most policies include a $500 deductible that's your responsibility to pay if you file a claim. Your deductible might even be higher if you're on a strict budget. Include that deductible into your calculations as you decide how much coverage you need for your devices.

Keep Thorough Records

Insurance companies typically need to see proof before they pay a claim. So, carefully store all your receipts when you purchase electronics and accessories. Additionally, record the serial numbers and take pictures of all your insured devices. Copies of these records should be kept in a fireproof safe and at a friend's house or safe deposit box. Update the records as you buy, sell and upgrade electronics.

Call your insurance agent today to add the necessary electronics coverage you need. Then, stay in touch, enjoy your favorite tunes and watch the movies you like with peace of mind.
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