Top Resume Trends and Tips for 2015

When did you last update your resume? Now's a great time to add new work experience, verify references and insert several resume
trends that are popular this year.

Add Breakaway Text

Magazines often use breakaway text to draw your eye to main themes. While your resume won't include enlarged text or boxed quotes, you can figure out what points you really want a potential employer to remember about you. Place those in a short sentence or two on the top half of your resume as you highlight the key reason why you're right for the job you really want.

Include Value Propositions

You could use your resume to rattle off facts, but show potential employers why they should interview you when you include value propositions. They showcase the skills and experience that sets you apart from other candidates, and they persuade hiring managers to contact you for an interview.

Utilize Charts or Graphs

Boring paragraphs won't get your resume recognized, no matter how many achievements you have. However, a colorful chart or graph shows potential employers your skills, including revenue generation, client satisfaction or office savings.

Add a Video

Give potential employers a chance to get to know your personality and poise when you record a video resume. The 30-to-60-second video gives you a chance for you to verbalize your top skills and is easy to include on your paper resume or LinkedIn profile.

Write to the Audience

It's time to toss your general resume. Instead, write to your audience, which means you have to know the job and the recruiter, HR director or decision maker who decides whether or not to interview you. Then you know the tone, vocabulary and other target keywords you need to use in your resume for each specific position.

While these 2015 resume trends and tips won't guarantee you'll land your dream job, they do help you stand out in the crowd. They also help you succeed in moving up the ladder at your current job. Ask your coworkers and human resources manager for additional tips as you maximize your resume today. 

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