When Should You Consider Pet Insurance?

Anyone with a pet understands how expensive medical treatment can be. However, you would do anything to help your pet remain healthy and enjoy a high quality of life. Pet insurance can assist you with paying for your pet's medical care, but learn more about it so you can decide when to purchase this type of insurance coverage.

1. Do you have money to pay for your pet's medical care?

Because pet insurance reimburses you for the medical treatment your pet needs, you must be able to pay your bill and the deductible upfront. Being able to choose the veterinarian of your choice is an upside of this condition to pet insurance.

2. How old is your pet?

Remember that your pet's needs today will differ from what it needs in five or ten years, so consider a policy that covers care into the future.

3. Do you have time to research plans?

Pet insurance plans offer varied coverage and don't all cost the same amount. You'll want to research plans before deciding if you should buy a policy and which one is best for your needs.

4. Is your pet covered?

Some pet insurance policies cover only certain dog breeds. Others might not cover your pet bird, hamster or snake. Read the fine print to ensure your specific pet is covered under your insurance policy.

Likewise, check to see if your policy covers pre-existing conditions. Some plans don't, and that means you'll need to purchase coverage while your pet is healthy. If you wait until it's showing signs of aging or has a medical issue, you won't qualify for a policy until your pet is symptom-free for a period of time.

Your pet deserves exceptional medical care. Decide if a pet insurance policy is right for you, and then discuss your needs with your insurance agent as you care for your pet's health and well-being.

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