Voluntary benefits have been gaining traction with employers and employees as valuable supplemental coverage to a core benefits package. For example, in today’s age of skyrocketing medical costs, programs such as Disability, Accident, and Critical Illness insurance are increasingly popular with workers concerned about paying for health care.

Although these primary plans have been garnering most of the attention, a number of voluntary “work-life plans” are also important in employees’ daily lives, yet are often overlooked. These benefits are easy to implement and are generally available to employees at special group discounted rates through payroll deduction.

Popular work-life plans include:

Identity Theft protection. This coverage help victims manage the cost and hassle involved with clearing their good name and credit.

Auto and Homeowners insurance: These basic policies are usually available at group rates.

Legal Services. Helps employees pay for the services of licensed attorneys for such matters such as will preparation and real estate purchases.

Pet insurance: Assists workers in picking up the tab for the veterinary care that their beloved animal companions need.

Discount purchase program: Easier credit qualification requirements and payroll-deduction payments can save money for employees on essential household purchases.

 Work-life benefits not only provide helpful coverages at affordable rates, but can also serve as a conversation starter help raise employee participation among other voluntary benefits.

 What’s not to like?

Our agency’s professionals would be happy to analyze your benefits program and recommend the work-life options best suited to your employees. That’s what we’re here for!
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