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Property & Casualty  Anyone with Experience dealing with Building Code Grades for Homeowners Insurance (BCEGS)? 

Taylor Collins, Winooski Insurance - Colchester, VT 05446
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Hi All,

I'm in some uncharted territory, preparing to sell homeowners insurance in southern and coastal states. Our agency has yet to quote or issue any home policies down south, which is why I'm reaching out on here to see if anyone has any helpful tips or advice for me. 

The specific question has to do with building code grades, or the "Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule" (BCEGS) as it relates to writing homeowners policies. 

Now that we will be selling in states like Florida,  where there are greater exposures to things like hurricanes, the Building Code Grade will likely be a rating factor.

Does anyone on here has experience with issuing homeowners policies where these building codes were at play? Is there a specific type of document (home appraisal? other form?) that is used to verify the building code?  What documentation/proof the insurance companies require? 

Basically any information at all about the BCEGS would be appreciated. I want to make sure we are fully prepared for this new factor when quoting and issuing homeowners business in new territory.

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PS - in case this information is at all helpful... our agency uses a comparative rater, and there is a field that asks for the Building Code Grade. The options are "Ungraded" (which we have always used, here in the Northeast), or 1, 2, 3... up to 10.

Thanks again everyone!
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