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Ask Your Peers  Looking for a GA that can handle hard to place risks... 

John  H Crawley, Crawley Insurance - Fullerton, CA 92834
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I've been in the insurance industry nearly 12 years, and I've become the guy that gets the hard to place referrals. On a daily basis I work with businesses that generally do not fit with the standard market. Here are some examples of recent accounts:

- FMX (motocross) jump shows - They show up to any event, weather it be a track, beach, or parking lot, and perform flips and tricks as an opening act to a main event. (still considering new markets for this as they require monthly special event policies).

- Inventory/Contents companies - They require Inland Marine for contents of others, as well as GL/EPL/Pollution Liability/Work Comp. They own a warehouse where contents of others and BPP is stored. The majority of work performed is taking inventory at residential and business properties, and incidentally will remove undamaged PP for temporary storage. Sometimes the inventory is completed in locations with exposure to asbestos; which they are fully licensed and trained to do so while wearing proper gear.

- Textile/Home Goods Sales - They have two warehouses; one for storage, one for packaging/shipping. All sales are to wholesale and public via the web.

- Swim Instructors - Teaches children aged 3-18 to swim in public and school pools. Package required.

- Commercial Production Companies - Requiring coverage for props/sets/wardrobe, GL, hired auto, work comp, all on short term basis.

- High Ex Mod/Large premium Work Comp risks. - Several clients from Machine Shops, Body Shops, Warehouses, Janitorial, with 500k - 3mil payroll with either lapses in coverage, large recent claims, or high ex-mods. Needing a market for the Work Comp - NO PEO!

These are just a few examples of accounts within the last 30 days. I currently work with too many GA's, most of which do not have a market for a few of these. I'd like to find someone to work with that is quick on response, follows up, has reasonable fees, and has a broad range of market access. Please only reply to this is you are serious about being able to help.

Thanks in advance.


John H Crawley
5 year(s) ago
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ken heideger, MPG - Boca Raton, FL 33434
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Hi John …….. we can write Staffing and most distressed risks in all states in
our non-rated to "A"-rated Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
and Contract Labor Service staffing (CLS)

Basically PEO/CLS programs entail 2 main

1) the PEO/CLS must be the statutory employer
of record for all covered employees, and

2) the PEO/CLS must process and issue payroll
drawn off the PEO/CLS bank accts.

……here is an email that covers much of the
basic info. you need to know about our Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
& Contract Labor Service (CLS)
programs….. Please read all below and if this risk or you have a risk
that you feel is a fit, answer/provide all info. requested below. Thanks!

NES does best costwise for risks with high
xmods, high cost class codes, in state pools, with workers' compensation (WC)
premiums of 50k or more, paying way more than they should be, and generally
considered highly WC distressed…..we can write most risks including Staffing in
our PEO programs….and Staffing also thru our CLS programs….all depending on the
overall risk picture…..As you probably know by now, WC programs for staffing
are almost nonexistent at this time with risks going to or in state pools… however,
again, we can write Staffing in our PEO/CLS programs…. NES writes/places the
most Staffing in PEO/CLS programs of any brokerage in the USA.

Under a PEO arrangement, a co-employer
(primarily for benefits purposes) relationship is established between the risk
and the PEO, with the PEO becoming the sole employer of record for IRS
purposes. The PEO has a master "PEO" designated WC policy. The
workforce is contracted back to the risk to operate and manage as usual. Under
a CLS arrangement, a sole-employer relationship between the risks employees and
the CLS is established. The CLS has a
master "Staffing" designated WC policy. No functional control is lost
of the risk's business or labor force in either case, and in many cases, both
the employer and employees receive more and less costly benefits, services, and
WC coverage. The main purposes and goals of these relationships is to provide
the risk with more suitable and economic WC and administrative functions on an
outsource basis, including all management and navigation of the Affordable Care
Act's (Obamacare) regulations and implementation. In both the PEO and CLS
structures, all WC covered employee payroll must be processed by (in most
cases) and flow thru the PEO/CLS, with payroll checks drawn on the PEO/CLS bank

Under a CLS arrangement for other than
Staffing, available in some circumstances, a sole-employer relationship between
the Risks employees and the CLS is established, with the CLS becoming the
employer of record for the Risks employees under a Staffing type agreement and
WC policy. No functional control is lost
of the risks' business or labor force, and in fact, both the employer and
employees receive more and less costly benefits, services, and WC
coverage. Payroll is reported to the CLS
by the Risk, and payroll checks (or direct deposit) are processed and are drawn
on the CLS's bank accts and taxes are paid under the CLS's tax #s. The employees are supervised/managed by the
Risk as usual. The main purposes and
goals of this relationship is to provide the Risk with more suitable and
economic WC and administrative functions on an outsource basis, including all
management and handling of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) regulations and

Before we quote either PEO or CLS, it must be
cleared directly with risk, either by you or us jointly, that such an
arrangement will work for them….so not to waste your/our time if the above
basic structures will not work for them.

Submission info needed:

• Detailed
ACORD (must have # of ees/code)

• 3-5
yrs losses valued no more than 45 from curr date

• last
4 quarters of State unemployment rtns (for staffing risks only)

• Curr/renewal
policy dec/rating pages

• State
pool quote (preferred)

• Xmod

Questions on each risk:

1. Why are they shopping their WC? If being non-renewed, why?

Is "A" rated WC carrier REQUIRED by risk?

Do they/you have any viable WC options at this point. If so what are

4. Will
they for sure goto a master policy PEO/CLS program per above if the
cost/structure makes sense?

Have you or the risk obtained a state pool quote yet? if so please send, if not please obtain and
send or explain why you/they have not done so.

Do you control this risk? if not,
how did you get this opportunity?

Will risk accept a deductible WC program, if so what level?

What is our target annual cost we need to hit to write deal?

We look forward to working with you. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Ken Heideger

Nationwide Employer Services LLC

Offices in FL and CA

5 year(s) ago
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Martin Burlingame, Commercial Insurance Group Llc - Colorado Spgs, CO 80960
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Were an MGA that handles weird risks. I can say amen. We had a clam farm, bee keeper moving bees around country and an explosive manufacturer in one week. Send me an email martin@cig-LLC.biz We're not a WC play. GL/IM/property etc
5 year(s) ago
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Erin Carlson, CompleteMarkets - Jacksonville, FL 32224
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Hi John, 

Thank you for using CompleteMarkets! I'm sure we can help you out. You mentioned quite a few markets you are looking for so I'll link each to the search results. We have a fantastic search "Find It" where you can search by market and by state. We work with a lot of Wholesalers, MGAs, MGUs, etc that write in all states and practically all markets! 

If you need assistance doing a search or getting in contact with any of these companies, please shoot me a message and I'll be happy to help!

Your Results for Motorcross Events in California

Your Results for Special Events / Entertainment in California

Your Results for Inland Marine in California

Your Results for Warehouse Program in California

Your Results for Wholesale/Distributors in California

Your Results for Swimming - Instructor in California

Your Results for Television Production in California

Your Results for High Mod Workers Comp in California


Erin Carlson
5 year(s) ago
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Susanne Waite, Partners Specialty Group - Fresno, CA 93720
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Hi John,

I am a wholesale broker (for over 12 years and in insurance for over 25 now) that writes most lines (GL, Pollution, Excess, Property, DIC, Inland Marine, E&O, D&O, EPLI for Entertainment, Construction, Manufacturing, Bars/Taverns, OLT, etc). My staff and I specialize in hard to place risks and pride ourselves on service. We respond quickly and try to go to market same day. We have access to over 300 markets.

We have a national footprint and can help you in all states.

Give me a call if you'd like to discuss any upcoming risks. 559 447 1944 or email swaite@psgins.com
5 year(s) ago
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